Obskyura Underground

Welcome to my blog:  Obskyura Underground

I’ve been meaning to create a blog for ages now.  In this blog you will find high risk content with no boundaries involved.  I want to take you through my Art journey and all the encompassing emotions which follow this.

For months I’ve created visuals, acts and short films with no words behind them.  Yes, I am a firm believer that all cannot be explained with words.  However, from the time I was a child writing has been a strong component and aspect of my life.  Particularly story-telling and poetry.  With every act and art piece that I create, there is a story, a life narrative, an emotion and a particular feeling behind it.

To me, Art is nothing without content.  A story is the framework and structure to every art form.

I will go forth now to show you works with no limits, no boundaries and no regret behind them.

Thus far, I have also been extremely fortunate to work with incredibly brilliant minds who make everything come to life.  All would not be possible without these precious creatures in my life.

Coming out of an extremely tumultuous event in my life, I have no qualms in telling you what I think or feel, how I love and how I create with myself and with others.

That is if you are interested in hearing about them and traveling through this journey of Art with me.



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