Love & Lust Amongst Other things: A love letter to El Toro

(from performer to performer love)

If you have not encountered him yet, you must.
He is the lovely and endearing El Toro.
The first time I laid eyes on him was the last thing I expected of him. Today.
He had blossomed into a lover of all lovers, a crutch to my soul.
He lifted me both emotionally and physically.
If you have not seen him perform, you must.
His eyes are like daggers to a soul, piercing in the most unbelievable of ways.
Reaching the inner most depths of your heart, his character is what it is, like that of a Bull.
He strikes you with the most amazing of surprises.
His body moves effortlessly and endlessly like a bull-fighter, with an elegant touch of heaven and the force of fire.
The second he held his hand out to dance, he not only enveloped my soul but touched my heart.
He protected my heart and nourished my soul.
Calmed my stage nerves and put this scattered world into perspective.
Painted my boobs and my bum, spread hummus on my bread, filled my empty jug of water.
It is unbelievable how bodies mesh, artistic minds and moving souls.
Moved my heart and body, touched me and I turned to gold.
When bodies move perfectly together, you just know.
That you will be filled with power and soul.
This is El Toro.

Looking forward to flying together forever with you and moving souls.
I love you.

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