Eyes of Deceit

In the eyes of deceit:

I am not a play thing.

I am a human heart.

A big bloodied heart.

Wilting in pain, fearful in spirit.

I am paranoid.

Fragile and impatient.

The wait is killing me.

I am not your sweet thing.

I am love and terror.

I will not remain silent in the name of peace.

I will speak until it eats away at me.

You will know what is on my mind.

I don’t live in hiding.

How could one be?

Art is in my heart.

I will never give that away in order for you to be with me.

I am in rage

Will smash the walls of inhumanity

Until my wrists bleed

I am a voice to be heard, a body to express without words

Will drown in my sorrow like no tomorrow

To make you understand me

In the eyes of deceit

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