Rainbow of Enlightenment

I recall a dream that I had of a building in a sky on the morning of Thursday March 31, 2011.  It resembled the beautiful abandoned train station in Buffalo that always stirred my curiousity and wonder.  It was a building where everyone congregated to exchange ideas, create art, perform and to be in love.  It was a place where no judgement existed only creativity and love.  It was my fantasy.

There was so much love, spirituality and connection that all the hearts of the people within this space created the most magnificent rainbow that one had ever seen.  For the first time, we were able to touch the rays of the rainbow.  The enlightenment and energy that flowed through our bodies was extroadinary.  We danced, held hands, kissed and painted ourselves with the colours of these energy rays.

One explained that this unimaginable rainbow only occurs in the myths.  It was meant to appear only when humanity reached the highest and truest state of love, happiness and creativity.

This rainbow has made me feel extremely hopeful.  That something truly beautiful and incredible is beginning to flourish.


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