Solo Show (Art Concert) Announcement

It is due time that Obskyura present her body of work in a solo show format. This has been in deep thought for some time and 2015 will be the year to begin planning to make this a reality. Date of the show and participating Artists will be announced once the concept is developed in greater detail. Keep in touch. Love, Obskyura

OBSKYURA – The Documentary by Melissa M. Gordon

OBSKYURA profiles Toronto burlesque dancer and performance artist who goes by the stage name, “Obskyura.” This documentary film explores the character’s psyche in her quest for self-expression, but more importantly, self-discovery. The film considers her personal experiences within the world of rejection and acceptance, further exploring how these problems are manifest throughout her performance work and personal life. Filmmaker/Editor/Cinematographer: Melissa M. Gordon Burlesque Videographer: Tatiana Rodriguez Bathtub Performance Art – “Psychosuicide”: Obskyura Music: Ian Hughes, Chaz Kkoshi, Zacharia Hajishacalli, and Phillip Guyler The opening of this documentary was screened at the TIFF Bell lightbox theatre in Toronto, On, Canada last…

Birthing Art: A Percy Katt Production

An incredible Percy Katt Production. Birthing Art with some of my favourite and dearest of friends – Percy Katt, Mahogany Storm and Obskyura (models) Artistic Direction – Percy Katt.  Photography – Greg Wong. Behind the scenes of the Production.  A short film clip from “Obskyura” the documentary. Filmed by Melissa Gordon (Artwork above) top: Obskyura, left: Mahogany Storm, right: Percy Katt Check out Percy Katt’s work at


One of a series high-key minimal, porcelain-type body of work with Anthony Gordon (unrestricted version found in Underworld X)

Divine Madness

I’ve often contemplated the intricacies and mysteries of depression.  At a young age I attended an Art School for years and wondered why our department (visual arts department students in particular) were often always in a state of turmoil.  Growing up, this seemed to be a natural state of mind for me and was fortunate that I had Art as a mode of expression since childhood.  I’ve looked back at drawings and paintings I did as a child before I could even write and was not at all surprised at the dark imagery I used to depict in my art…

RE-EMERGENCE: New York City Happenings

There is calm at the end of every storm.  Correct? Photo by:  Robin Souma (below) For a couple of months I had to take a hiatus from performing due to very personal issues.  I laid in the dark for weeks in deep contemplation and was not anticipating to come out to perform again. Life presented me with one of the biggest choices.  I was crippled with emotion and hindered by my thoughts. I decided after weeks to force myself full throttle back into the light of performing again. This emergence happened in New York City at the New York Burlesque…